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Mindfulness Offerings 

Nora's courses, workshops and retreats are designed to equip professionals with mindfulness tools that help develop a consistent meditation practice, reduce daily stress and cultivate a greater sense of well-being.

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Mindfulness Meditation Courses

Each class is centered around a specific mindfulness practice and includes an informational talk, group reflection, guided meditation, and question and answer session.

Meditation Classes

Class 1: Mindfulness of the Breath
Class 2: Mindfulness of the Body
Class 3: Mindfulness of Thoughts
Class 4: Mindfulness of Emotions
Class 5: Mindfulness in Motion
Class 6: Cultivating Compassion for Self and Others 

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Reduces stress and anxiety through present moment awareness.

Enhances ability to respond rather than react to stressful situations.


Improves clarity, focus, productivity and adaptability under pressure.


Builds resilience and overall well-being of mind and body.


Client Feedback

"As a beginner to meditation, I really appreciate that Nora creates a safe space to learn, feel and share. Each session had clear objectives and was presented in a way that helped me absorb the teachings."

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